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At its heart, Trezor Suite is a completely new app. It has been designed to take advantage of more computing power to make it possible to do more with your Trezor hardware wallet, such as advanced privacy features available to everyone at the push of a button.
Despite using a different architecture and introducing many new features, Trezor Suite has complete parity with Trezor Wallet, meaning you will also be able to use all of the features you are used to. This includes buying, selling and exchanging crypto as well as signing messages, sending transactions, integrating with third-party apps (including Metamask) and plenty more.
Secure desktop application One of the overlooked advantages of Trezor Suite is that it can be used as a desktop application. This is important for two reasons: it gives Trezor Suite access to more computing resources for things like Tor and CoinJoin, and it keeps you isolated from potential phishing attacks. Thanks to having everything in one place, desktop users should not need to use their browser while operating their wallet.
Last modified 2mo ago